Oh, far and near over all the land In the rosy month of May.
The Little children gather flowers for Decoration Day.
From far and near on every side the boys and girls will meet
To honor soldiers we will lay our offerings at their feet.
Oh, many a May has come and gone, and many a winter has passed,
But memories of their noble deeds all seasons will outlast.

A MEMORY by Emma A. Lent
A day of tender memory, a day of sacred hours
Of little bands of marching men, of drums and flags and flowers.
A day when a great nation halts its mighty, throbbing pace,
And by its meed of gratitude shows love with willing grace.
A day to keep from year to year in memory of the dead.
Let music sound and flowers be laid upon each resting bed.

Soldiers, as we come to lay flowers where you rest today,
In this place so sweet and still, rose and fern and daffodil from this field of May.
Something more we bring to you than these blossoms gold and blue
Out of field and wood and hill, we have brought a promise too.
Soldiers, we will do our best that there be no more war
In this fair world near and far,
no more war in this dear land, soldiers where you rest.
Here are rose and violet, garlands we have loved to weave,
Lily, myrtle, mignonette gathered in the springtime hours.
And our promise too, we leave with the flowers.