On the left, you can see a kid who jumped off the bridge is just about to hit the water. When we passed by there earlier, one had just gone into the river, but all I got of him was the splash.

The river is narrow, so some of the trees that fall go all the way across it.

This area isn’t exactly a beach, but it was good enough for these folks to have some fun there.


Nashua River

Oxbow National Wildlife Refuge

It took us just 45 minutes to get from Hopedale to the Nashua River in Harvard. The river flows into the Merrimack River in Nashua , NH. In the section that we paddled, on July 10, 2022, we were almost always in the shade of the trees.

The area is where Fort Devens used to be, which is the reason for the warnings on the sign near the top of this page.  There’s the danger of possible unexploded shells in the vicinity.

To get to the kayak launch site from Hopedale and vicinity, take 495 to 111 to 110 to Still River Depot Road.

  Nashua River- Wikipedia  

   Oxbow Wildlife Refuge – Fish and Wildlife Service   

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