This early view of the intersection at Adin and Mendon streets is from a postcard at the Bancroft Library. With a close look near the middle, just to the left of the end of the rail fence, you can see the granite town boundary marker with an M on it. At some point it was moved to the right side of the street, and can be seen there in a picture further down this page.. Work was done at that intersection in 2021, which included eliminating the island, and as I write this (February 2022) the marker hasn’t been returned.

Below – Cropped view from the postcard. Note the M on the Milford side of the stone.

Town Report, 1906    West Main Street was evidently the street name from the time when Hopedale was still a village in Milford. Eventually the name was changed to Mendon Street.

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Now and Then – The Adin and Mendon Streets Corner

The two photos at the bottom were taken in November 2013.

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