Above – Removing and sending the cupola off to be rebuilt.

Below – The return of the cupola.

Below – Restoration and Return of the Weathervane.


Jim Shimkus volunteered to restore the weathervane. Here’s his plan for the work.

Jim making a few adjustments before the vane was returned to the top of the cupola.
Hopedale firemen putting the weathervane back on the cupola.
Elaine and Dan Malloy watching the weathervane being put on the cupola. Elaine worried about people in high places, which you can see by her expression here.
Watching the weathervane go up from the Big Red Shop.

   The Restoration of the Cupola 

Although I’ve titled this page, Restoration of the Cupola, I’m not at all sure that any part of it that’s there now is from the original. It was in bad shape, and it may be that what was taken away could only be used as a pattern to rebuild a copy.

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