During World War II, Joe Manella was in the Air Corps, and was a bombardier on a plane that was shot down. He became a Japanese prisoner of war. The following paragraphs explain how that experience led him to design and donate the Sacred Heart window to Sacred Heart Church.

For three long years Joe was interrogated, tortured, starved, and kept in a dirty cell, but he refused to speak. For a while, he was given only a glass of water per day. Sustained by faith, prayer, and a strong devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, he saw visions of Jesus during his time in captivity.

Even if you don’t know Joe personally, you may have already seen something personally important to him. Above the entrance to our church, is a special stained-glass window that was designed by Joe. After his wife, Anne died, Joe wanted to find a way to remember her. Working with an artist, Joe had the vision of Jesus that he had while a prisoner of war sketched and then put into stained-glass. You can see the image that Joe designed and donated every time you exit the church.

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From the Sacred Heart Church bulletin, November 4, 2018.