There was quite a bit of water in the cave, and I didn’t have boots on that were high enough to get in to the chamber. The town of Upton purchased the site with funds from the Community Preservation Act.

The pictures above were taken in December 2012. On November 3, 2013, my son, DJ said since the weather had been rather dry for most of the past month, it might be the time for another try. It turned out to be much better. The entrance “tunnel” was dry and there was just a little puddle in the middle of the chamber. You can see what it looked like then in the pictures below. Would you like to have it in your backyard? The house in front of it is for sale.

The Upton chamber is off of Elm Street. Milford Street is Route 140. Driving up Elm Street from Route 140, the chamber is off to the left a short distance after bearing left at the beginning of Christian Hill Road. After going into the parking lot, with your back to Elm Street, go down a bit to your right to find the entrance to the chamber.

Ceremony honoring Barbar Burke for her many years of work for all things Upton, and espicially those related to Upton history.