These pictures are from my neighbor, Wade Magee’s “pandemic garden.” Wade said of it, “I built it during the pandemic when wood was outrageous. The wood alone, without screws or anything else was $2500. With the hardware and everything it was probably about three grand.”

I kind of got the idea for the awning by how they shaded the spectators in the Coliseum.

A guy paid me to take this bluestone away. I cut them to make them the size and shape that I wanted.

Cabinet and other items in the yard were made by Wade with pallet wood and other reused materials.

I had the idea of how to build this pizza oven in my head. A friend got the steel for me. I traced it out and cut it with an angle grinder. We welded it up, and he made the doors. The “shelf” on the front was made with some 2 x 6s that I had left over, held in place with carriage bolts.

The friend who helped with the other parts also made the doors that you can see in the picture on the lower left. This actually fires the pizza oven. Before it was for a smoker that I had, but that didn’t work very well. I bought another smoker that also didn’t work very well, Then I got an electric smoker that worked until it didn’t work. Then for Christmas my daughter got me this awesome Weber kettle grill. See below.

I can do pizza and smoking on the Weber grill.

Cabinet made from pallet wood. Wade also makes bellows. The one at the lower right is the first one he made.

Inman Street Beach