This is just part of a Hopedale map from the 1890s. You can see the trolley track going along Hopedale Street, stopping at the corner of Freedom Street. In 1901 it was extended, went across Hopedale Pond, and then to Mendon and Uxbridge. The “Lower Pond” (where it says Draper Company) was still in existence, but was filled in and built over shortly after. Click on the map to see the full version.

Words new in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary in 1923
Draper Corp insurance plan - 1944.
Draper Corp insurance plan - 1966
Parklands - west side - May 1.
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Google Earth view from 2021 of Milford Regional Medical Center.

Thanks to David Lowell for this about Dr. Marcus Knight, from the Cushing Academy Bulletin for September 1930. Dr. Knight was the Eben Draper family doctor for many years. Click here to go to a page about the first 50 years of Milfird Hospital. Click here to read about Dr. Marcus Knight.

Pickleball court behind the Draper Gym. Since I took that picture, two more pickleball courts have been added.
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Click here to see update on the West Street land case as of May 7.

This turtle was on the Parklands road near the Rustic Bridge. Based on the head, tail, and size, it appears to be a young snapping turtle, but I’ve never seen one with a shell like that. It was fairly small, probably about six inches across.

Last summer robins nested in one of my pear trees. I decided to make a house for them so they could live in more comfortable quarters this summer. What you see here is the type of house or nest box that’s recommended for robins. So the house was made with robins in mind, but what’s that? Reverse image search says it’s a dove. Today, May 8, is the first day that I had noticed that they’ve moved in. Mother is certainly very patient. Just sits there on those eggs all day long. I haven’t seen the deadbeat dad. Pictures above taken from my living room window. The one below was from the yard, taken on May 10.

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Hopedale Pond – May 19.

Scouts from Hopedale Boy Scout Troop 1 shown digging holes to erect signs showing the location of the trolley bridge that once crossed Hopedale Pond here, next to where the Little Red Shop Museum is now located. The work is being managed by Ryan Dupuis as his Eagle Scout project. Click here to go to pages about the trolleys of Hopedale and vicinity.

In addition to the new sign, the sign erected in 1989 has been restored and returned to the location where it was placed at that time. Click here to go to the trolley menu, and here to see pictures of the bridge.

Regional getting ready to go back to work?
At last - May 28.
Memorial Day observances at Hopedale Village Cemetery and at the Griffin-Dennet Apartments

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Twice Blessed Thrift Shop – Sacred Heart Church – 187 Hopedale Street

Signs like this have been all over Hopedale for many months. On May 30, Channel 4 in Boston did a segment of their 6 o’clock news broadcast about Scarlett and her family. Click here to see it.