To read about the anonymous donation and the construction of the George Albert Draper Gymnasium, click here.   For notable events in its first few years, click here to see a page about the Boston Celtics at the gym, and here for the undefeated Hopedale High boy’s basketball team of 1956-57.

Click on this postcard view of the George Albert Draper estate, or his picture to go to a page about him.

There was a large turnout for the retirement party for Elaine Kraimer at the Bancroft Library on September 1.

Click on the “birdseye view” of Hopedale in 1916 to see it in enlarged sections.

Words first included in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary in 1973.

She grew up on a farm in Vermont in the 1930s and 1940s, where there was no electricity or phone service. She went to a one-room school. Click on the picture to read more of Lyn’s early life.

Ad from 1918. At that time you could get custom-made shoes from Harlan Hart on Dutcher Street, water pumps and boat propellers at 25 Northrop Street, and clothing at the Harrison Block. You could also board at the Hopedale House, 37-41 Dutcher Street, have your teeth pulled out at the town hall, buy groceries at 34 Dutcher Street, and have your car repaired (if you had one) at 98 Mendon Street. Click the ad above, to see those and more.

Click above to go to the monthly paper to read the articles.

Click here to see a page on the Plain Street project on the former Rosenfeld site.

Howitzer made by Draper during World War II. It’s now on the grounds of a VFW home in New Jersey. Click on the picture for more. The page has a Cotton Chats article about making the howitzers, followed by pictures of one in Maine, and more of the one above.

Thanks to Dick Grady for this photo of the Hopedale Little League All-Stars of 1959. FC must be Rico’s Food Center, HP would be Hopedale Pharmacy, and of course the Diamond D would be Draper Corporation. Here are the names, sent by Dick:

Back Row – George Philips, Jimmy Sweet, Dick Grady, Bernie Stock ,Ken Mooradian, Danny Messier, Johnny Grant, and David Weaver
Front Row – Freddy Alves, Wayne, Stanas, Reno Caprini,  Harold Gaskill, Ben Phillips, Torey DaSalvia, Eddie Tomaso, and Guy Travers
Absent : Charlie Ghiringhelli ( Family vacation at Cape Cod )
Coaches are Hy Wagman, Charlie Tomaso, and Victor Lamothe

Fire Department report for the last months of 1951.

Plain Street project, September 21.

Click on the picture above for more pictures of the MassPike/495 project now underway. Here’s a little about it from the Community Advocate.

MassDOT officials have said that this is the largest project in the department’s history. The project, which will take about five years and cost $400 million, will include a complete replacement of the interchange. The old toll booth area will be eliminated.

Here’s a page with a video showing how it will look when completed.

Packing papers in January 1947 to raise money for the high school seniors’ Washington trip. Thanks to Linda Tuite for this and many other items that had been saved by her mother, Betty Butcher.

Names written on the back of the photo are: Anita Buroni, Herbert Durgin, The “Great” Bracci, Gladys Sanborn, Carolyn Henderson, Norma Cardarelli, “Butch” Rae, Richard Hoberg.

Click on poster for more info.

The annual barbecue, held by the Council on Aging, was generously provided by the Hopedale Fire Department union this year.

Plain Street project on former Rosenfeld property. Building closest to Plain Street gone.


Hopedale in September 2023

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