The lowest place in Hopedale, where the Mill River goes under Hartford Avenue.


August 26, 1841 – “Resolved, (1) That our said location, formerly called ‘the Dale,’ afterwards ‘the Jones’ farm,‘ and latterly  ‘the Hastings Daniels’ place,’ be hereafter called, known, and distinguished by the name of Hope Dale,” Adin Ballou, The History of the Hopedale Community.

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Words first in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary in 1973.

Governor Draper and President Taft, on Draper’s porch during Taft’s August 1910 overnight stay. Click on the picture for the rest of the story.

Post Office Block, Mendon. Click here to see more photos of it over the years.

She was born in the Sacred Heart rectory. Hmmm, that sounds like click-bait. More accurately, she was Hopedale’s New Year’s baby of 1931, born in the house that became the rectory a few years later. Click on the picture to read about her.

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Former Draper Corporation site on August 2, 2023.
Draper Company field day at Hopedale Town Park - August 1906. Click photo for more.
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From localtownpages - Hopedale, August 2023.

My son DJ and I paddled a few miles on the Ipswich River on August 5. There wasn’t much there for wildlife, but we did have a few views of this great egret.

On August 11, we saw this guy sitting like a bump on a log on the Blackstone Canal in Lincoln, Rhode Island. We got right up next to him and he didn’t budge.

Post card mailed from Hopedale in 1906, just two years after the statue was erected. It was addressed to Mrs. F.J. Bailey, Durham, Conn. No street needed in an address to small towns then.

The George A. and Jessie Preston Draper tomb at Hopedale Village Cemetery. Since the town doesn’t own the cemetery, the work being done on the tomb won’t cost the town anything.

Heron in the river just downstream from the dam at Freedom Street.

Hopedale Pond, August 30.


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