Community House under construction - 1923.
American Legion home at the corner of Hopedale and Depot streets.

Hopedale History
January 2023
No. 411
Hopedale in 1923

Hopedale in January


Twenty-five years ago – January 1998 – Nineteen European nations agree to forbid human cloning.

The Drudge Report breaks the story about U.S. President Bill Clinton‘s alleged affair with Monica Lewinsky, which will lead to the House of Representatives‘ impeachment of him.

Fifty years ago – January 1973 – The United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and Denmark enter the European Economic Community, which later becomes the European Union.

Citing progress in peace negotiations, U.S. President Richard Nixon announces the suspension of offensive action in North Vietnam.

U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War ends with the signing of the Paris Peace Accords.

One-hundred years ago – January 1923 – The first legally-opened birth control clinic in the United States, the Clinical Research Bureau, began services in New York City as the second clinic of Margaret Sanger and the American Birth Control League.

The U.S. Senate voted, 57 to 6, to recall the remaining American troops in Germany rather than to participate further in the occupation of the Rhineland. President Harding gave the order of withdrawal on January 10 for the 1,200 soldiers remaining.

For the first time, wireless transmission of distinctive voices across the Atlantic Ocean was demonstrated, opening the potential of regular telephone service between the United States and the United Kingdom.

The National Socialist Party of Germany, led by Adolf Hitler and commonly called the Nazi Party, held its first party congress, at a gathering in Munich attended by 6,000 party members.

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Hopedale in 1923

News from the Milford Gazette
Obtained at the Bancroft Library

January 5 – Many of the employees at the Draper plant received an increase in wages last week, for those receiving under 45 cents an hour the increase is about 5 cents an hour.

January 12 – During Friday night a furnace cap blew off at the home of Alfred Hixon on Freedom Street and Mr. and Mrs. Hixon and two children had a narrow escape from suffocation from coal gas. Both Mr. and Mrs. Hixon were extremely ill and attended by Dr. G.F. Curley.

The selectmen have purchased a new Cleveland tractor of the caterpillar type for the use of the highway department in breaking out the roads. Residents of the south part were delighted with a visit by the new equipment Tuesday, and hope that in the future better attention may be given to their section of the town.

February 2 – The house on Hopedale Street, owned by George A. Draper and occupied by E.Z. Wilcox, was offered last week to the local American Legion Post for headquarters and at a special meeting Monday the offer was gratefully accepted. The house is well located for a meeting place and has nine rooms. It is lighted by electricity and a new steam heating plant was recently installed.

February 9George Albert Draper, the only surviving son of the late George Draper and Mrs. Hannah (Thwing) Draper, died at the Phillips House Hospital, an annex of the Mass, General Hospital, at 5:45 Wednesday.

Employees of Dept. 25, Draper Corp. plant, tendered a shower at the noon hour Tuesday to John Bishop. The shower included everything from a life-sized chocolate baby seated in a go-cart, to a nursing bottle. A mock marriage took place in which John Boomer was the bride with white gown and veil; John Bishop, groom; Gardner Hubbard, train bearer; Bobby Ramsden, maid of honor; Fred Mason, best man; Dan Cloutier, clergyman. After which a chest of silver was given to Mr. Bishop. On Feb 12 he is to wed Miss Jessie Deiana of Hopedale.

February 16 – Miss Mildred C. Thomas, of Worcester County Extension Service, will be at the Bancroft Memorial Library, Friday afternoon at 2:30, to tell what the Government is doing for women.

March 2 – The late George Albert Draper left an estate of $10, 475,000.

March 16 – The Hopedale Coal & Ice Co. lost a valuable horse Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stover will be in charge of the costume party of the Winter Dancing Club tomorrow evening in Pythian Hall.

Clare H. Draper announces the recent marriage of his daughter, Grace E., to her cousin, Harry E. Charlot of St. Louis. Mr. Charlot is a world war veteran and lived in Milford for a short time. The young people had known each other from childhood, but the news of their wedding was a surprise to the bride’s parents with whom the couple are now visiting.

March 23 – Under the will of the late George Albert Draper, the local Community House will receive approximately $44,000. The Pythian Sisters have received an invitation to hold their meetings in the Community House after its completion.

While traveling to Southbridge Tuesday, Mrs. Harry Lloyd was robbed of a purse containing $12 while waiting for a car at Upton.

The high school seniors, with Principal W.A. Dennett and a half a dozen guests, will leave this afternoon on their Washington trip, returning next Friday.

April 6 – The school department has purchased a sewing machine for use in the schools.

The Hopedale Mandolin Club presented the program for the Baraca class social at the Union Church Monday.

April 13 – This town now has a modern motorized fire department, having recently added a 105 horsepower, six-cylinder LaFrance ladder truck at a cost of $9,000. The truck carries 245 feet of ladders, a large chemical tank and various firefighting accessories.

April 27 – The Marsh and Narducci orchestra will furnish music for a dance in Town Hall this evening.

The community was surprised to learn of the death of Mrs. Millie Hall Patrick which occurred at her home in Hopedale at about 8:30 o’clock Wednesday morning, after an illness of only two or three days.

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