The wastewater plant with the high school cupola standing upright. It had been on its side there since it was removed from the school roof in 2007. Here’s the story on that.

Peace and Dutcher streets are in the foreground of this old photo.
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Hopedale in 1851. Click map to go to map menu.

It seems strange now to think that boat propellers, were once manufactured on Northrop Street, but they and a number of other products were. Click on the ad to go to a page about C.F. Roper, his company and some of his other devices. The picture below shows the site where the Roper factory was as it is now.

Words first included in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary in 1923.

Charity Scams

From the Smartassets site of a list of the 50 worst charities in the U.S.. Click here for the entire list – and there are thousands more that are not much better.

I’ve seen a couple of different views of the mysterious missing statue of General Draper before, but not this one. It seems likely that this picture was taken at the time of the dedication, which was on May 30, 1910. The postcard is for sale on ebay. Click on it to see the story about it.

Above – Hopedale Coal & Ice workers cut ice on Hopedale Pond. Click on the picture to see many more of the cutting and of the icehoiuse.

Below – Hopedale Pond on January 4.

The entrance to Hopedale Village Cemetery. On the back of the card this was on it says, “George Draper Death – Decorated by John Davenport.” Draper died on June 7, 1887. Thanks to David Lowell for it.

These two paintings had been stored in the attic of Hopedale Junior Senior High School, probably as far back as when it was called General Draper High School. They were done by an Italian artist named Luigi Mion, probably around 1900. They may have been purchased by General Draper, or perhaps were given to him when he was Ambassador to Italy. Each picture, including frame, is 85″ x 65″. High school librarian Mary Margaret Mulroney arranged to have them moved from the attic to the school library recently.

Draper site - January 9, 2023.
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January 18.

Interclass hockey is being conducted on the pond, and the rivalry among the classes is healthy and clean. Twelve games are scheduled. – School Superintendent Carroll H. Drown, 1925.

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January 23 and 24.

G&U Railroad West Street property seen from Asylum Street, Milford.
January 31 - Looking for evidence at Hopedale Pond.

From the Hopedale Police Dept. Facebook page:

We have received some calls about a strong police presence at the Town Pond. Hopedale Police, Milford Police, and the Massachusetts State Police Dive Team are currently searching for evidence in regards to last weeks Shooting and B&E. There are boats and divers in the water. There is no need to be alarmed! Thank you for your cooperation.

More about it on the Facebook page.


Hopedale in January 2023

 Hopedale in December           Ezine for December

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