The Parklands in the area that used to be called the First Fireplace.

Here you can see several of the trees recently planted near the pond, north of the bathhouse.

Words first added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary in 1922.
Putting up wreaths along Main Street, Milford.
Click on the article for much more on Bily Draper's Store.
From Frank Dutcher's memories of Christmas in the Hopedale Community. Click text for more.

This map shows Hopedale in about 1895. Click here to go to the menu for more Hopedale maps.

This house on Hopedale Street is on the site where the Water Cure House stood until 1968. Click on it to go to a page about Dr. Butler Wilmarth and his water cure hospital.

My son DJ took this picture of the Draper plant disappearing into the fog ten years ago. More recently it all disappeared into thin air. Click on the picture for photos of demolition on that side.

Community House Christmas tree.
Click the photo to listen to the flashmob.
And here for another one.
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New traffic lights at the intersection of Mendon and Hopedale streets.
Corner of Prospect and Water streets in Milford.
Hopedale Pond - December 14.

There’s Chapel Street, or at least the street sign, but where is the chapel? Click on the picture to see it.

One day in the 1930s, when the Hopedale Coal & Ice deliverymen arrived at her home at 54 Freedom Street, Hester Chilson’s husband told them that was the last day they’d be needing ice. They were about to buy an electric refrigerator. One of the men told them that a refrigerator would ruin their health. Sure enough, Hester died, although that happened about 70 years later, a couple of months after she turned 100.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
Good that we can now see them in a variety of colors.

December 30 and the temperature was 64, so we went for a paddle on the Charles River in the vicinity of Medfield, Dover and Sherforn.

Hopedale in December 2022

Hopedale in November          November ezine – IWW-Draper Strike

 Ezine for December

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