Hopedale 1856 
This map at the top of the page is from The Model Company Town.  The Little Red Shop appears to have been in its first location, a little above and to the left of the number 12 on the map.  It’s easier to see in the 1858 map.        

Both of these maps were supposedly drawn in 1856, but there are a number of differences. Perhaps the most noticeable are the two streets in the lower map, evidently Social and Union, that cross the river. They don’t cross in the upper map. Also, the road west of the river only appears on the lower map. The lower one was for sale online and was said to be only two inches by three inches, probably cut from a county map.

Hopedale Pond looks rather different in the two maps.

The name that can be seen in the top right of the lower map  appears to be Harriet Thompson. Harriet was a member of the Hopedale Community and mother of Gilbert Thompson . Gilbert became one of the founders of the National Geographic Society. His other claim to fame is that he is thought to be the first American to use fingerprints for identification.

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