Hopedale 1886

    This map from The Model Company Town shows Hopedale in 1886.  By this time, Main Street
    had been renamed Hopedale Street, and High Street was being called Dutcher Street.  Social
    Street went down to Water Street, which eventually disappeared as more Draper shops were
    built. Union Street in those days crossed the river and went all the way to the cemetery.

    As I look at this map, I wonder if the six identified locations were originally part of it, or if they
    were added by Garner, the author of The Model Company Town. There are a number of errors in
    the book, and there are a couple of things on the map that don't appear to be right. First, I'd say
    the W.F. Draper house would be the one indicated a bit to the right of the 3, not the one just next
    to it. Also, the 5 is for the E.S. Draper House, not the E.F. Draper House.

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