Thanks to Jane Lowell for the pictures on this page. They are from Milford News film negatives. All of them were in envelopes that said Mendon on them. They were dated from 1960 to 1964.

Last Mendon High School graduation - 1960 - Unitarian Church
Farewell Mendon - Rev. Yost - April 1960

Break-in at Mitchell house, North Ave – July 1960.

New England Steak House - December 1960.
Gene Phillips at the time he became an Eagle Scout.
Recount - 1962

Envelope says “Mendon girl -broad jump. July 1962.” Larry Pearson sent the following identification. Mendon girl broad jumping; on left Thelma Pharnes…far right, her mother (can’t remember her 1st name…middle I think is Thelma’s sister Sandra.

These pictures were labeled as Easter Parade, 1963. Larry Pearson wrote about the one above, saying, ” the upper picture I believe is Bob Brownley, with daughter (tall one) Valerie, and his (younger) children, Peg and Keith. The people in the picture below were identified as John and “Dodie” Mantoni Hogarth.

John and “Dodie” Mantoni Hogarth
April 1963
Coffin's Dairy - 1963
Little League opening day - May 1963.
League champs - June 1963.

The pictures above and below were evidently taken in Milford. They may have ended up with the Mendon pictures by mistake, or possibly because one or more of the men in the pictures is from Mendon. If you recognize anyone, please let me know. My email address is [email protected]

Mass. Sec. of State Kevin White visits Mendon, April 1964.

Taft family reunion.