Last graduation of Mendon High School - 1960 - Unitarian Church

Nipmuc gym, later named the Wilho Frigard Gymnasium.

Nipmuc teacher Carl Ohlson at the piano. Leaning over him, Sam Aldrich.

Back – Harold Murphy and Tom Cullen
Front – ? and Steve Bodnar

Isabelle Grant in center.
May 1963. Jim Grant is in the middle.

Eleanor Hutchinson on desk. Lucy Gilbert sitting. Henry Clough laughing. Harold Murphy with hat on.

Principal Wilho Frigard and Supt. Kenneth Sharpe.

Cross-country banquet. On left, Tom Cullen. Middle, American League umpire and Upton resident, Bill Summers.

Prayer group at Nipmuc auditorium.
Identified asTom Malia, a Mendon policeman, investigating a break at Nipmuc Regional.
Dedication of organ at Nipmuc auditorium - 1964

Seated, Larry Dowden. Standing, left to right, Larry’s parents, Wilho Frigard, and Don Wheeler. Caption says dedication of organ at Nipmuc auditorium.