G&U depot on left, and Legion Home on right.

World War I Honor Roll which once stood on the little patch of grass between the town hall and Depot Street. Click on the picture of it to see a larger, easy to read version.

World War II Honor Roll on the Legion home lawn.
The former Legion home in its new location.
Remains of the G&U station, October 26, 2008.

Depot Street as seen from the top of the steeple at the Unitarian Church. November 22, 2010. Click on the picture for more views from the steeple.

Looking toward Depot Street from the former Draper Parking lot - 2010.
Looking from back of town hall.
Police Station, 2015.

                                                                   Depot Street
Evidence appears to indicate that the building that became the Legion Home was originally the Home School, which operated for a few years during the days of the Hopedale Community. Sons of two famous abolitionists, William Lloyd Garrison and Samuel May, were educated there, as well as the daughter of a Nantucket abolitionist family, Lilla Joy, who later marred William F. Draper.

In 1922, what had been the Home School became the American Legion home, and in 1982, after the Legion disbanded, it was moved and was added to the Mallard home, behind the post office. The mortar was German and was on the front yard of the Legion Home. (Thanks to Jack Ghiringhelli for sending the photo.).. Click here to see a larger version of the World War II Honor Roll. The building on that location built after the Legion home was moved was built by Arthur Young as an office, and is now the police station.

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