A Quiet Town

By Sheril Sears
Hopedale High School
Class of 1989

People pass one another
with a smile,
or stop to talk.
Everyone knows everyone
in this small town.

City dwellers find comfort
here in this quiet town.
Such beauty is found in
this town, in the surroundings
and mostly the people.

Looking out over the pond,
where hundreds have enjoyed
the coolness of the water on
a hot summer’s day and have
ice fished, skated, one feels
a sort of peace that is calming.

Children play together, happily
in the playground, while their
parents chat about the latest
news or gossip.

At night, the beautiful pond
becomes a mirror reflecting
all that is near it.

In the summer heat we can
hear in the distance, band
music being played.

This small town is a comfort
to all who spend time here.
When one leaves this town,
he leaves with a sort of
inner peace.

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