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Due to a change in the program used to make these pages, the captions under the pictures for most of the pages linked to below have disappeared.

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The Parklands, January 4  

Girl Scouts at Dr. Janko’s office – February 19   

Ellen Fettig’s 100th birthday – April 2  

Country Club Fire – April 18  

Country Club May 5

Memorial Day  

Hopedale High School Graduation – June 5

Hopedale Pond, March through June  

Hopedale Pond – June 25  

Diver inspects dam at Hopedale Pond – July 23

Four ponds – July 26 – North, Fiske Mill, Hopedale and Spindleville

Summer Fun Day at Bancroft Library – August 11, 2010

Hopedale Pond – August 14, 2010  

Road race – August 21, 2010  

Hopedale Pond – September 1, 2010   

Hopedale Pond, October 7.

G&U cars off the tracks in Grafton.   

The Parklands on October 10.

Hopedale Pond, eastern shore – October 13

Hopedale Pond – October 19

Hopedale Pond – October 26   (Don’t miss the deer standing by water.)

Hopedale Pond in October  ( A slide show on YouTube)

The Larches (Community Clubhouse) decorated for Halloween.  

Repairing the dam at Freedom Street   

Hopedale Pond – November 14   

Hopedale Pond – November 17

Hopedale Pond – YouTube – video from half way up the pond – very low water.

Views of the center of Hopedale from the Unitarian Church steeple.

Work on the Unitarian Church steeple.   

Hopedale in 2010 – a slide show on YouTube

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