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Wildflowers of Hopedale  and vicinity, and where to find them.

* Can be seen in the Parklands, or in or near Hopedale Pond.

May 30, 2006. There are a good many wild geraniums blooming in the Parklands now; most of them along the road down from the Dutcher Street entrance. Two lady slippers in two different locations along the road opened up several days ago. The Morrow’s honeysuckle is gone by, but the starflowers and the Canada Mayflowers can be seen in many places along the roadside.

June 6, 2006.  The geraniums are still flowering. The two lady slippers I saw a week ago are gone-by, but I found others in three locations. One by the Parklands road near Cutler Street and two others by the Parklands road on the west side of the pond. At one place there were about ten plants and four blossoms. The starflowers are gone but there’s quite a bit of maple-leaved viburnum. Also flowering were false Soloman’s seal and a few poison ivy plants.

June 12, 2006. The geraniums are pretty much gone, with only a very few still flowering. I saw only a couple of shriveled remains of lady slipper flowers. About the only thing showing up in the Parklands today was the multiflora rose. It’s fairly common there, as well as elsewhere in town.

June 19, 2006.  The most common wildflower in the area this week is the multiflora rose. In addition to the Parklands, you can see them along Dutcher Street, especially beyond Lower Jones, along 140 between Hopedale and Upton, and along roadsides just about everywhere.

June 27, 2006.  I saw lots of honeysuckle along the shores of Hopedale Pond today. It might not show up too well if you’re walking, but from the water there were almost always a few bushes in sight. There were also a couple of Virginia roses on the west bank of the pond, about halfway between Freedom Street and the Rustic Bridge. The catalpas are blooming now. I noticed one by Hopedale Street, just a little north of the railroad bridge, and another at the edge of the Sacred Heart Church parking lot, near the rectory. Also appearing are daisy fleabane, Asiatic dayflower and moneywort.

July 6, 2006.  Wildflowers I’ve noticed in the last week or so include butter and eggs, black-eyed Susan, St. Johnswort, Queen Anne’s lace, harebell, tall meadow rue, rough-fruited cinquefoil, buttonbush and birdsfoot trefoil.

July 16, 2006. This week, in addition to what’s been around for a while, I’ve noticed Bouncing Bet, Deptford pink, and viper’s bugloss. These may have been flowering for a while. I hadn’t been in the areas where they grow until the last few days.

August 17, 2006. Well, it’s been a month since I added anything here. Goldenrod has been flowering for several weeks. Japanese knotweed, pokeweed and Joe Pye weed also come to mind. I think there have been a few others, but it’s about bedtime and I’m not remembering very well. That’s my excuse, anyway.

August 26, 2006.  I’ve seen smartweed growing by the road near where Bancroft Park meets Freedom Street, and in yards and along roadsides elsewhere in town, although it’s probably been flowering for much of the summer and I just happened to notice recently.

October 12, 2006.  I’ve certainly neglected this for quite a while. Today I got some pictures of witch hazel flowers and added them to the site. That’s probably going to be the last thing on here this year, but I hope to put more on next year.

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