Hopedale Pond, Lake Street  - November 1.

   Running through the Parklands - November 9.

   The apartment house on Dutcher Street. Click on the picture to see it and read about it in its boarding house days.

   Town Park - November 11.

   Hopedale Village Cemetery - Veterans' Day

   Click on the pictures of the Billings and D'Orsay stones to read about them.

   The highway department taking the leaves away from Inman Street - November 13.

   This stone in Hopedale Village Cemetery is at the burial place of Tony Brenna of My One Wish fame. John "Gilly" Gilbertson thought I should see it. Gilly, who will be 90 in a few months, walks about five miles a day and frequently passes though the cemetery. He particularly likes the message on the stone - "Sit down and tell me what you think."

   Drapers, from behind the library - November 16.

   The Statue of Hope - covered for the winter.

   Hopedale Pond - November 19.

   The Mill Street Bridge - finished at last.

Hopedale in November 2009  

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