Town center showing a fire station (with tower, left of center)  on Hopedale Street.  The Town Hall, which was built in 1887 can be seen but the library, built in 1898 isn't here.  The original Unitarian Church, replaced in 1898, is here in the center, just a bit below the horizon.  The Joseph Bancroft house is in the center.  It still stands on the same location but was extensively altered around 1909.  The Warren Dutcher house on the corner of Adin and Dutcher Streets to the left of the Unitarian Church and above the tower on the fire station.  The Ebenezer Draper house is just to the right of the tower.  the George Draper house is in front of the church.  The Harrison Block, now a pizza restaurant, is in front of and partly obscures the Town Hall. Several houses were on the block now occupied by the Community House.  A map from this era indicates that the barn in the foreground was one of several structures in various locations in town which belonged  to the Hopedale Stable.  If you find some of these places a bit tricky to find with these descriptions, go here to find them more easily.
here to see several other views of the fire station and firemen.     To see some rooftop views of Drapers in the 1890s, (the start of the Little Red Shop series) click here.   More rooftop views.  

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