What’s going on here? It’s a Draper retirement party at The Larches in 1950. Here are some names for this group.

James Stringfellow, Henry Stenberg, Thomas MacNevin, Howard Smith, Albert Woodhead, (far rear), Harry Pickard, Joseph Grillo, Ed Binks, E.B. Tifft, Victor Pepper.

There are four pages of  these pictures with many more names of Draper management from the 1950s. Click here to go to them.

New words in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary in 1972.

Here are more “mystery photos,” never picked up at the Hopedale Pharmacy, long ago, after they had been developed. The name Wilkinson was on the envelope they were in. I didn’t find that name in street listing books from the time they probably come from. It seems likely that they were left by someone from a nearby town. Mary Perry was identified in last month’s pictures.

If you haven't heard the Hopedale song, Sleepy LIttle Town, here it is. Click on the photo to go to it.
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They're not letting a little snow keep them inside.
Between a rock...
...and a hard place.
Sacred Heart thrift shop. For more photos and info, click on the picture to to their Facebook page.
March 9 - Hopedale Pond with the ice gone at the lower end. Click on the picture for dates when this happened in other years.
March 9, 2022
March 14.
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G&U road into West Street property at Route 140.
Drone view of West Street disputed property. Click picture to see video.

I hope the town boundary stone will be put back in place.

Hopedale in March 2022

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