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The name “West Main Street” made sense when Hopedale was still part of Milford, but after the split it was 37 years before the name was changed to Mendon Street. Why wasn’t the name South Main Street changed? We’ll probably never know.

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Hopedale Country Club

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New words in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary - 1972.

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Even before the Parkands was established, and the shelter/fireplace built, this was a local picnic area known as Moroney’s Grove. When I was a kid, it was called the Third Fireplace. Now what? The Six Block Former Fireplace? Maybe it could be restored by an Eagle Scout project.

The Twice Blessed Thrift Shoppe (Sacred Heart Church)  is open this Saturday, June 4th from 8:30 AM-!2 PM.  Come and check out all the great bargains!

This month – all men’s clothing is 50% off.  Many NEW (with tags) items for sale, including large men’s clothing.

All Old Navy clothing is on sale – $3.00 for adults and $2.00 for children and infants.As always, a wonderful assortment of women’s, men’s and children’s clothes and accessories.

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One of the pictures on the Hopedale in May page showed three robin eggs in a nest in one of my pear trees. Here’s what’s there now. I took the picture from my living room window.

Thanks to Nancy Arone for this picture. It was taken at the town hall. Plays were often performed there. If you recognize anyone, please let me know and I’ll put the name(s) here. I have more pictures from Nancy which I’ll be putting on in the next few months. For many years, high school kids in plays wrote their names on the wall of a closet by the stage. Click here to see them.

The stained glass window on the Draper Street side of the Unitarian Church was removed last summer for restoration work. The work has been completed and it’s now being put back in place. Click here to see pictures of all the stained glass windows in the church.

This drawing is on the Railroad.net site, and says it’s the G&U Railroad’s plan for the West Street land.

Part of the West Street land being cleared by the G&U Railroad . Thanks for the picture, Igor.

Rose bush on Inman Street. Thanks for the picture, Nita.

Coloring the crosswalk by the town park by members of Hopedale for Change. Click on the picture to go to their Facebook page.

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Taunton River, Berkley – June 13.

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We saw this heron while we were paddlilng on the Seekonk River on June 20.

Our huge new trash and recycling containers were just delivered. I only throw out enough to about cover the bottom of each of them each week.

Hopedale trivia question – What U.S. president once stayed overnight in Hopedale? Click here for the story.


Hopedale in June 2022

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