Upper end of Hopedale Pond - March 9.
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Photo taken not long after the children's room at the library was set up in 1927.
Words that first appeared in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary in 1923.
Lake Street house, 1917. Click on it to go to a page about Draper houses.

Where did those millstones at the Town Park come from? Click on the picture for the story.

Sanborn insurance map - 1892. Click on it to see more old Hopedale maps.
Photo of the Bancroft house from the American Antiquarian Society. Click on it to see more Hopedale views from that era.
Memorial Hall, Milford - c. 1920.

East Brookfield, incorporated in 1920, is the youngest town in Massachusetts. Millville, 1916, is second, and Hopedale, 1886, is third. Mendon is the second oldest town in Worcester County.

Click here to see a page of photos of Hopedale Pond during the winter of 2022-2023. March 3 was the first day the ice was gone, not to return this winter.

Students in grades K–6 go to the Memorial School. Hopedale Junior Senior High School is for grades 7–12. Hopedale’s public schools consistently rank among the top 5% of high schools within the United States. Wikipedia  

Special “Overage” Trash Bags for Hopedale

 Effective May 1, 2023, E.L. Harvey & Sons will only be collecting trash and recyclables from the E.L. Harvey & Sons designated trash and recycling totes. Residents who cannot place all their trash bags in the Harvey tote will need to use the special Hopedale blue trash bags.  E.L. Harvey will not be collecting from other totes or other trash bags.

The blue Hopedale trash bags may be purchased at the following locations:
Town Hall General Offices, Hopedale
Cumberland Farms, Hopedale
Market Basket, Bellingham
Whole Foods, Bellingham
Shaw’s Market, Milford
Stop & Shop, Milford

The cost of the blue 33-gallon Hopedale trash bags is $7.50 per roll; each roll contains 5 trash bags. This is a new system and the Board of Health asks for your patience and cooperation.  For questions, please contact the Board of Health Office.

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From an email sent by Elizabeth Reilly on March 8. Click on the message to see the rest of it. It’s at the bottom of a long page of news articles and emails on this matter.

Good news! The Twice Blessed Thrift Shop (Sacred Heart Church) will be open on Saturday from 8:30 AM-12 noon. There will be a bag sale on selected items and reduced prices on selected designer name labels. Beautiful gently used or new clothing, shoes and accessories available at GREAT prices. Come on down and spread the word.
Train in the Parklands, heading toward Upton.
Click on the picture for a drone video of the Draper stack going down,

The snow that fell on March 13 – 15 didn’t amount to more than an inch or two in Hopedale, but you didn’t have to go far to the northwest to reach an area that had 20 inches or more.

Spring is here.

Remember the Draper filling station, as they were called long ago? Click here to read about it, and see where the Jeep is now.

From the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

In additon to the elimination of the Council on Aging, if the override doesn’t pass, the Bancroft Library will be closed and the Park Department won’t be funded.

Hopedale in March 2023

  Hopedale in February          Ezine for February 

   Ezine for March