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Westcott (aka Spindleville) Mill

New words in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary in 1923.
Henry Patrick's Store. Click on it for more.
Hopedale in 1870. Click map to go to Map Menu.
This was Hopedale's first high school. In 1935 it became Sacred Heart Church.

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The picture shows a World War II scrap metal collection in the center of Hopedale, Ohio. Click on the picture to see more of the other Hopedales.

Decline and fall. John Callery kept a notebook in which he listed everything he thought worth writing down about what was going on at the Draper plant from 1958 to 1979. There are 39 pages like these. Click here see them.

A little cold snap - February 2-3.
The first home named The Larches. It buned and was replaced in 1909. Click photo for more.
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The incident described above is from General Draper’s autobiography, Recollections of a Varied Career. It occurred in the Annapolis vicinity, early in the war, when escaped slaves were supposed to be returned to their owners, which is why he mentioned disobedience of general orders. He was a lieutenant at the time.

A dusting of snow. No ice. February 23.
Inman Street - February 28.
Dutcher Street - February 28.


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