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From 1901, when the building of the Town Park had been completed, until 1931, the Draper Corporation sponsored field days at the park each August. Click here to see pictures of the 1929 field day.

Words first in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary in 1974.
Pinecrest - Google Earth satellite view.
Draper plant, August 2006. Click picture to see more.

“During the war years the grain often came in printed sacks. The goal was to get enough of the same print. Mom made curtains and a washing machine cover from the blue print ones. There was always the fear that the mice would chew a hole in the middle of the bag and it would only be good for a dish towel instead of a broomstick skirt or curtains, and we looked forward to each grain delivery to see the design and its condition.”

Click on the picture of Peggy in the corn field to read what life was like for the Byrne sisters and their brother at the little farm on Hartford Avenue.

This event held 120 years ago this month, August 1904, was a very big deal. Click on the Locomobile ad to see what make of cars were in the parade, and who was in them.

Click here to go to a page of pictures of highway department workers and equipment, starting in 1919.


Hopedale in August 2004

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