Hopedale South of Route 16


Byrne Farm  

Charles Dillon, Jr
, drowned in Spindleville Pond

Community Bible Chapel   

Floods in Spindleville
  1927, 1938 and 1955

Flood in Spindleville   More on the 1955 flood.

Green Store   

Harmony Neighborhood  Google Earth views

Kingdom Hall   

Melin brothers
– Hopedale Airport plane crash

Mellen Street bridge   

Memories – John Albee   

Memories – David Atkinson  

Memories – John Chute  

Memories – Hermina Marcus   

Memories – Denise Moroney   

Memories – Frances Rae   

Memories – Roberta Simmons

Memories – Reggie Sweet  

The Mill River   

Now and Then – The Country Club   

Now and Then – Farm and Airport   

Now and Then – The G&U bridge   

Now and Then – Original Hopedale High School and Sacred Heart Church   

Now and Then – Howard Street and Charles River   

Now and Then – Spindleville   

Now and Then – The VFW   

Red Barn Fire   

Rosenfeld family and company    

Sacred Heart Church   

Spindleville            Then and Now in Spindleville   

Spindleville floods, 1927             Spindleville flood, 1955   

South Hopedale Branch Library   

South Hopedale Cemetery   

South Hopedale History   

South Hopedale School   

Thwing Mill  

Warfield family genealogy   

Wastewater Treatment Plant   

Water Department  

Westcott Mill Closes, 1956