Hopedale's first high school, built in 1889. The part to the left of the door was added in 1908. In 1935, it became Sacred Heart Church.

Hopedale History
April 2022
No. 402
Hopedale in 1922, Part 2

Hopedale in April     


Twenty-five years ago – April 1997 – The Red River of the North breaks through dikes and floods Grand Forks, North Dakota, and East Grand Forks, Minnesota, causing US$2 billion in damage.

A Pegasus rocket carries the remains of 24 people into earth orbit, in the first space burial.

Fifty years ago –  April 1972 – The U.S. and the Soviet Union join some 70 nations in signing the Biological Weapons Convention, an agreement to ban biological warfare.

Apollo 16 (John Young, Ken Mattingly, Charlie Duke) is launched. During the mission, the astronauts, driving the Lunar Roving Vehicle, achieve a lunar rover speed record of 18 km/h.

Vietnam War – Nguyen Hue Offensive: Prompted by the North Vietnamese offensive, the United States resumes bombing of Hanoi and Haiphong.

The first Boston Marathon in which women are officially allowed to compete.

One hundred years agoApril 1922Joseph Stalin is appointed General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party.

Teapot Dome scandal: The United States Secretary of the Interior leases Teapot Dome oil reserves in Wyoming.

The State of Massachusetts opens all public offices to women.

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Hopedale in 1922, Part 2

These news items were published in the weekly Milford Gazette, and saved at the Bancroft Library.

April 7 – The new town truck, voted at the recent town meeting, has been received.

Miss Jessie M. Leonard, who is soon to be married to G. Almond Draper (one of the “other Drapers“), was tendered an apron shower by the Camp Fire Girls, Monday evening at the home of Marie Gaskell.

Automobiles of W.F. Durgin and Frank Arnold collided Monday morning at the corner of Hopedale and Freedom streets, throwing Fred Libbey from the running board of one of the cars. He was somewhat bruised and was attended by Dr. K.A. Campbell.

Princess Boncompagni will come to her residence here tomorrow for a visit of about six weeks. The Draper residence in Washington was recently sold to the Masonic Mutual Life Insurance Co. for commercial purposes, and an 11-story building is to be erected on the site.

April 14 – The town firemen will present the comedy, “The guest retains” in Town Hall, May 3 and 4, with dancing after each performance.

The new Community House, for which workmen are now excavating, will be a memorial to the late George Draper, and will be on the site of his old home. The expense of the erection and equipment, as well as a fund for its maintenance, will be borne by George Albert Draper.

April 21 – Mrs. Lucy Pickard and Mrs. William Kellett sailed Saturday for a three-months’ visit with relatives in England.

Miss Ruth Dutcher was the soloist at the Easter service at the Unitarian Church Sunday morning.

April 28 – Princess Boncompagni and household will sail for Italy May 16.

The chemical truck was called out Friday for a slight chimney fire at the home of Charles Kaberry.

May 5 – In a free hitting game at Uxbridge, Saturday, the Hopedale High School defeated Uxbridge 22 to 21, forging to the front after being six runs to the bad at the close of the sixth inning.

The Hopedale Mandolin Club united with the Orpheus Club of Webster in a concert in that town last Thursday evening.

May 12 – The high school held its annual guest night Tuesday evening. After introductory remarks by Superintendent C. H. Drown, regular class periods were conducted by the faculty until 10 o’clock.  Refreshments were served by the domestic science class.

May 19 – A cablegram was received Friday announcing the arrival of William Lapworth at his old home in Coventry, England.

Frederick Moore pleaded guilty at Worcester Friday to charges of breaking and entering at the Memorial library and larceny at the store of W.S. and A.M. Smith. He was placed on probation with the understanding that he would make restitution.

A committee from the local Legion auxiliary carried boxes of food, fruit and cigarettes to the World War veterans at the Grafton hospital Monday. Mollie and Christine Logee sang for the entertainment of the soldiers.

May 26 – John L. Woodbury of this town has received an appointment to the naval academy at Annapolis from the 4th Congressional district, and will take his final examination June 8.

The Draper plant will close tonight until Wednesday morning. During the interim, engine repairs will be made.

June 2 – About 30 friends of Lena Deiana tendered her a linen shower Sunday at her home on West Main Street. (Now Mendon Street)

Owing to the textile labor troubles, the Draper plant is being operated on a five day schedule, the plant being closed all day Saturdays.

Memorial Day exercised were carried out by the patriotic bodies and school children Tuesday morning according to schedule. Graves were decorated following the parade, Rev. C.F. Niles offering prayer and a male quartet rendering selections.  (A quartet singing during the ceremonies at the cemetery was still part of the program during the 1950s.)

June 9The bath house is now in full swing for the summer, 210 patrons being accommodated Monday.

Miss Grace Darling, a recent graduate from the Worcester City Hospital training school, has passed the examination necessary for state registration as a nurse.

June 16 – The high school juniors netted $8 from their recent food sale.

K.A. Campbell, C.H. Draper, Jr., and Robert Austin are at home from Yale College.

John L. Woodbury has successfully passed the physical examination for Annapolis, to which he reported yesterday. He was graduated from the local high school last year.

June 23 – George E. Draper has secured 10 new canoes for his business at Lake Nipmuc.

Napier Scribner and Marie Gaskill will be married tomorrow, and the Camp Fire Girls recently tendered the bride elect a kitchen shower.

June 30 – The 36th reunion of the high school alumni was held Saturday in Pythian Hall with a program of vocal and violin selections and fancy dancing. Refreshments were served and general dancing was enjoyed. These officers were elected: President, Stanley McCaslin; vice president, Mabel Arey; secretary, Mrs. Gladys Grant; treasurer, Mrs. Archie Beck; directors, Winburn Dennett, Mrs. Marie Scribner, and Mrs. Julia Lahive.


Hopedale News – April 1997

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Hopedale News – April 1972

Hopedale News – April 1922

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