This early view of Hopedale center shows a Hopedale Stable building in the foreground and the Hose House, the Bancroft house, the Harrison Block, the George Draper  house and, faintly, the town hall, the William F. Draper house and the Warren Dutcher house

This map was drawn in roughly the same era that the picture above was taken. Click on it to go to a larger version of it.

A – Joseph and Sylvia Bancroft house
B – Lilla (Bancroft) Bracken Pratt house
C – Almon Thwing house
D – Now the site of the Bancroft Memorial Library
E – Harrison Block
F – Town Hall
G – George and Hannah Draper house
H – Original Unitarian Church
I – House on what is now the Community House
block, moved to Hope Street near Centennial Drive.
J – General William F. Draper house
K – Warren and Malinda Dutcher house

This map shows Hopedale at about the time of the photos above – c. 1890. Click on the map for one that shows more of the town.

The original Unitarian Church, built in 1860; razed and replaced with the present one in 1898

An early post card view of the town hall.

The Community House – 1923. The George and Hannah Draper house was razed, and other houses and barns were moved or razed to make the entire block available for the Community House.  

Depot Street, the G&U station and the house that became the American Legion Home.

The American Legion Home at the corner of Hopedale and Depot streets was originally the Home School of the Hopedale Community. This picture was taken in 1982, shortly before it was moved.

The Bancroft Memorial Library.

Hopedale Community House – Hopedale High School graduation – 2009

Unitarian Church

Joseph and Sylvia Bancroft house – Hopedale Street.

Harrison block and Community House.

Hopedale Junior Senior High School, located on the site of the former Gen. William F. Draper mansion. Photo taken before the cupola was removed.

Google Earth view.

                                                     Now and Then in Hopedale Center

The twelve pictures above the satellite view were taken from a lift that was being used for work on the Unitarian Church steeple on November 22, 2010. (The canopies on the Community House lawn seen in the satellite view were there for a few days around June 19, 2010, for a benefit that was held there on that day.)

Below are links to Now and Then pages on streets and structures in the center of Hopedale.

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