Short Stories and Pictures

Thirty very short Hopedale stories – Five per page, six pages

WMRC stories – Hopedale history stories broadcast on WMRC

Milford, 1780   

Thwing mill site  

Local News, 1887   

Hopedale c. 1895 – Fourteen photos

Old posters   

Hopedale center, c.  1890    

More    From top of Unitarian Church steeple, 2010    

Bancroft Park houses, c. 1900   

Edwin and Carrie Darling, c. 1900   

Auto Parade – 1904   

May Day, 1913   

Hopedale Suffrage Club   

Elect Hoover Committee   

Ice storm – 1921   

Best town? Low taxes, no lawyers, Boston Post Hopedale cartoon,1925

The Hope Street Bridge  

Crime in Hopedale 


A photo trip along Dutcher Street, decades ago   

A photo trip along Hopedale Street decades ago.   

“Our Gang” parades of 1936 and 1937   


Minstrel Show   

High School Washington trip, 1936, ’37 and ’38   

1938 hurricane   

Occupation, women, 1939         Men      

The icehouse  

The Highway Department   Highway Department vehicles   

Hopedale center with fire station   

Hopedale Street Fire Station   

Dutcher Street Fire Station, c. 1925  

Life in Hopedale too dull to bear – 1933   

The Blacksmith  

1938 Hurricane Damage   

South Hopedale school and cemetery   

Hopedale Village Cemetery on Memorial Day   

Kindergarten 1942    

Dance card – Junior Prom, Class of 1945   

Oak Street/Jones Road kids – late 1940s.  

Lilliputian weddings, 1940s  

Snow in Hopedale, 1940s and later  

First TV in Hopedale  

New homes, 1949  

Horse stuck in mud for 11 hours – 1950   

Soapbox derby races, 1950, 1951 and 1952  

The Driftway and Cutler Street   

The Little Red Schoolhouse 

Women’s Club Fair – 1951        Kids at the fair     

Flood of 1955 – at Drapers     –     at Spindleville  

Paper drive – Class of ’55   

Police Department, 1950s to 1970s  

Hopedale Community Historical Society   – founded in 1957

Play program, Park Street School, 1958   

A dirty map   

Auto accidents – Page 1     Page 2   

1960s and 1970s pics from Miriam Grillo Loiselle

National Honor Society – 1966        1972

Blueberry pie eating contest, Town Park, 1970   

Perambulating the bounds, 1971   

Garages (The old Draper garages)

Bicentennial parade   

Tree belt planting  1980s   

Hopedale’s economy in 1985   

Hopedale centennial, 1986   

Glass town seal   

Fighter jet lands at Hopedale Airport, 1996   

The Missing Bust   (No, not the missing statue of the general)

Geocaching and letterboxing   

Jennifer Jarvis Essay – Dedication of National Historic District      

The Old Recycling Center   

Town Hall Grafitti   

Town Hall Stained Glass Windows   

My Kind of Town – TV show featuring Hopedale

She Still Stands Tall – A poem about the Draper plant by Dick Orff

Union Church peace garden – More by Dick Orff

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day speeches – Community, schools and church
program, 2007

Questions about Hopedale history   

Draper loom still in use, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Ellen Fettig – 100th birthday  

Mystery house on Mendon Street   

Chuck Patton’s Mack at Mack Truck Museum    

Memorial School art show, 2013   

Dam and two small ponds near Freedom Street/town dump.   

Capping  the dump – 2013   

Snow, January, February 2015   

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