Holland Albee   

Marcus Aldrich   

Alexander Hamilton Allen   

Adin Ballou  

Justine and Betsey Brewer (Southwick)

Nina Burr  

Byrne family -(basketball court)

Josiah Chapin  

Cox Family      Norman Cox‘s dairy farm  

Col. William Crowne   

James Cunnabell   

Daniels Family   

Darling Family  

Elisabeth Davenport  

Davenport Family   

Joseph Dorr, Jr.   

Paul Doucette

Dudley Family   

Austin Barclay Fletcher    

Four Generals of the Mendon Area   

Gaskill Family   

George Family   

Thomas Gordon (The Little Bighorn)

Enos Goss   

Grady Family  

Jim Grant  

Tom Hackenson   

Charles “Gabby” Hartnett   

Hastings Family   

Hayward Family   

Susan Lee Huston (Taft Library)

David Lowell  

Harold “Putt” Lowell   

Chief Mathew Mantoni   

Dr. John Metcalf   

William T. Metcalf   

Peter Penniman   

Pond Family   

Rogers Family  

Jonathan Russell and the War of 1812  

Russell Plans Welcome for Lafayette 

Gen. Alexander Scammell   

Gerard and Peg Sweeney   

Peg Sweeney and the Boston Celtics  

President Taft visit   

Rosa George Taft (Taft Library)

General Wayne Wagner    

Warfield Family     

Cato Willard  


Adams House


Albeeville School     

Aldrich General Store

Ammidon Inn   

Bake House   

Bright Oak Club – Comm Church   

Cedar Hill Farm   


Center School  

Chestnut Hill Meeting House   

Cook House   

Decline and Revival   

Esty Farm   

Founders’ Park   

Founders Park 2008 project  

G&U Railroad and Trolleys   

Housing Authority Barn   

Anna Hastings House  

Inman Hill   


Joy Fountain   

Keith Inn   

Kelley’s Corner

Lake Nipmuc   

Lake Nipmuc Park, 1882  

Lake Nipmuc Park, 1908 – 2010 

Mendon Airport – short version     long  

Mendon Hotels    

Mendon Museums – Original     New museum  

Mendon Town Forest   

Metcalf House   

Miscoe Hill, 1886   

Miscoe Hill Middle School   

Miscoe Hill yearbook, 1996- 97  

Miscoe Spring Beverage Company   

Mother Mendon and Children   

Nipmuc Park and M&U Trolley   

Nipmuc Regional – early years  

Nipmuc Woods   

The Parsonage   

Police Station Vote – 2019   

Post Road    

Record Room   

Resorts – Darling family   


Saltbox Road   

School, 1840   

School and Harrison Hall, 1840   

Schools, 1847 to 1887  

Sky Farm   

Taft Library   

Town Hall     

Town Well and Joy Fount   

Unitarian Church   

Victorian Queen (17 Providence Road)

Group Pictures   

Basketball team   

Baseballl teams, 1935 and 1940s

Boy Scouts, 1952   

Football team – 1946   

Mendon High, Class of 1944  

Mendon High Class of 1957   

Mendon High Class of 1958   

Miscoe Hill Midde School – yearbook pics -1997   

Police Department   

Welcome home, World War II Vets   


Abolition meeting  

Aerial view, 1980s   

Agricultural statistics – 1865   

American Antiquarian Society photos

Annals of Mendon   

Arbor Day in Mendon  Page 1  Page 2

Boot and Shoe Industry in Mendon   

Brothers of the Brush – YouTube   

Burlesque posters, Lake Nipmuc   

Carousel at Lake Nipmuc Park   

Civil War monument   

Constitution Day speech – Sharon Cutler

Cranberries, etc.   

Decline and Revival   

Directory, 1898   

Farming Road Controversy   

Flood – August 1955   

Historic hike   Hopedale and Mendon


Hurricane – 1938  

King Philip’s War – Mendon Attack

K P War – Mendon Defies Mandate  

KP War, Plaque in Mendon  – Dedham Historical Register   

Lake Nipmuc Preservation  

Lowell’s Restaurant fire   

Mail – Waiting for the Stagecoach

Maps – early Mendon   

Maps – Mendon – 1831, 1857, 1870, 1898 and 2000

Memorial Day  

Mendon’s 200th Anniversary

Mendon history – 300th book  

Mendon 300th Activities   

Mendon 300th – more   

Mendon – A brief history  

Mendon’s Golden Age   

Mendon Memorial Days  

Mendon photos from Beverly Harding   

Milk Wagons of Mendon, Hopedale, Milford   

Miscellaneous pictures

Mother Mendon’s Children   

Neighboring Towns, Lakes and Rivers  Menu  

Nipmuc Wins Clark  – 1964, 1993

Nuclear detector   

Photos from the 1960s  

Resolves, 1773   

Revolutionary War storage in Mendon  

Revolutionary War British Prisoners in Mendon

Slide show – old Mendon photos on YouTube

Another version of the slide show
Theater, 1856   

Town Cleanup, 1972 – 19922016, 2019

Town Hall history     

Town meeting, 1773   

Trolley – first trip – Milford & Uxbridge line.

Trolley – Remains of the Path    

The trolley line in Hopedale and Mendon

Trolley history by Gordon Hopper  

Trolley news articles, 1900 – 1901  

Welcome home WWII vets program

                  Then and Now   

Ammidon Inn   

Bright Oak Club/Church   

Center School   

Darling Corner   

Dudley Corner – Northeast   

Dudley Corner – Northwest   

Dudley Corner – Southeast   

Dudley Corner – Southwest   

Lowell’s Dairy   

Mendon Airport   

Mendon in May   

O’Grady’s Service Station   

Post Office Block   

Sky Farm   

  We the People – Mendon History Video Mini-Series

Episode One – Mendon Roots (1620 – 1662)   
Chapter 1 – The Great Migration (38 minutes)
Chapter 2 –
Lurking in the Wilderness (36 minutes)

Episode Two- A Town No More (1662 – 1676)
Chapter 1 – The Trek (38 minutes)
Chapter 2 –
Under the Torch (49 minutes)

Episode Three – Out of Ashes  (1676 – 1763) (57 minutes)

Episode Four –
Mendon Radicals (1763 – 1783) (57 minutes)

Episode Five
Post American Revolution and Golden Age (1783 – 1845) (62 minutes)

Episode Six
Mendon’s Wild Ride (1845 – 1928) (53 minutes)

Mendon Historical Videos

Victory parade, 1946  

Memorial Day, 1947 – An amazingly close look at Mendon men, women and children at the parade and at the cemetery, edited and posted on YouTube by David Moriarty.

Heres another great old Mendon video – Ice harvest on Lake Nipmuc.

350th Founders’ Park Muster Reenactment   

Walking Tour of Old Cemetery – October 2015   

 Celebrate Mendon Seniors